Screen Printing

Screen printing (or silk screening) is the most common method for producing graphics on products and media where identical multiples are required. The screen printing process can be used to produce simple one colour images as well as complex full colour designs. Each colour in a design requires a different screen, these screens are then used like stencils where different coloured inks are pressed through onto the print surface. In the end the precise placement of each screen and colour comes together in a seamless image. Combine that with the garment or promotional item of your choice and you’ve got something completely distinctive.

We do many things here at Big Cranium but we consider screenprinting to be the backbone supporting our massive noggin. Our production artist use skilled hands and specialized equipment to crank out top quality products all day long. Top quality means that every image we produce for our customers is checked for accuracy and consistency. We also use durable, long lasting inks in our printing. Your beloved design will not crack and peal off in the wash, in fact, in most cases the image will out last the garment.

Big Cranium also cares about the world we all live in. We use environmentally friendly inks in our processes to ensure the mark we leave on the earth is a green one.

Our Design & Graphic Services

Putting your ideas into words can be tough and bringing those words to life even tougher. But have no fear, our design team is here to bridge the gap between you and your ultimate potential. We thrive on fresh ideas and are eager to infuse your thoughts with creative juices. You can also bring us your finished or partially finished designs and we’ll help bring them to life. We specialize in Logo Design, corporate branding and print design.

View our gallery for some of our graphic design samples.

Stickers & Vinyl Decals

Big Cranium also makes high quality stickers and vinyl decals. What better way to cerebrally colonize the masses than with graphics that move around and interact with potential customers. 1 set of stickers over the span of it’s life has the potential to reach millions of viewers.